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To collect the amazing wedding album and share to other bride couples your wedding experience in We cooperated with Wedding Vendor and get a special offer to the bride couples that enjoy our Selfiemov Photobooth All Wedding Day.

All you need to do is redeem the coupon in Messenger and authorise your photographers/videographers to upload 3 of your wedding albums & your full marriage registration video to enjoy the special offers.

5 Steps To Take

(Subject to Terms of Use)

Redeem Photobooth flow

Terms Of Use

You (as coupon holder) shall, on redemption, agree to abide by the following terms and conditions:

借用Selfiemov PhotoBooth全日玩「婚享優惠」條款:

  • Only Facebook Messenger users who accept promotional materials from Orderlike are eligible.
  • Within 5 months of your wedding, share at your wedding photos and your marriage registration video taken at the subject venue of the vendor who distributed this coupon.
  • At least 3 albums (~30 photos) of your wedding photos (inclusive of marriage registration, march-in and highlights) taken by professional photographers and 1 full video of marriage registration taken by professional videographers.
  • Authorise your photographers/videographers to execute the above on your behalf or;
  • Upload ALL wedding photos taken by professional photographers and 1 video of marriage registration taken by professional videographers by yourself and selected by Orderlike.
  • Permitted use is limited to wedding-related activities.
  • Date of permitted use is limited to your wedding day.
  • Change of date of permitted use is not allowed without our consent.
  • Valid while supplies last.
  • We reserve the absolute discretion to revise the terms and conditions of this benefit program without further notice.


  • Pick-up: the last working day before the date of permitted use between 14:00 and 17:00
  • Return: the first working day after the date of permitted use between 10:00 and 12:30
  • Venue: Unit 2002, Hollywood Plaza, Mongkok
  • Deposit: HK$3000 (1.refundable $2000 on return of the photobooth in perfect condition & refundable $1000 after successful sharing )
  • Examine the photobooth at the time of pick-up to make sure that it is in perfect condition.
  • We reserve the absolute discretion to change/update the hardware and/or software of the photobooth.


  • Get your own SIM card ready for the internet conncetion.
  • Make power supply available for the photobooth operation.
  • Use the photobooth with care to avoid it from being damaged.
  • In case of the photobooth being damaged, you will be liable for all loss we suffer.
  • You agree that our company shall not in any event be held responsible to any person whosoever for the personal injury or death suffered by such person as a result of his use of the photobooth or for the loss of photos or enjoyment suffered by such person as a result of any malfunction of the photobooth.

Benefit Program (If Applicable)

  • This benefit and the right to use the photobooth is not redeemable for cash or transferable.
  • This benefit cannot be used in conjunction with other benefit programs.
  • The said vendor shall under no circumstances be held responsible under this benefit program.